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What is happening in your hometown? Newspapers, TV and Radio around the world.  

Electric or Propane -
What should I use,
Do you have a choice in your RV? If so, you will want to know how to save money on the energy you use.

Chart by Ted Sprague
After you spot the amount you are charged for electric, then the propane per gallon will show the equivalent. If your gal charge is higher use electric, if lower then use propane.

Put your car keys beside your bed at night.
Put your car keys beside your bed at night. If you hear a noise outside your home or someone trying to get in your house, just press the panic button for your car. The alarm will be set off, and the horn will continue to sound until either you turn it off or the car battery dies. This works well if any kind of emergency occurs and you need to get someone's attention.
Submitted by Don Teppola.

How to by-pass company automated answering services

Do you use your cell phone while you drive your vehicle?
You are leaving yourself wide open for a big fine if you do this anywhere in the state of Washington. Other states are doing this also. Sources say the increase of accidents and fatalities are what prompted the new law. 

511 on your GPS cell phone will get you in touch with The Transportation Department where the cell phone is physically located.  Get road closings, from construction, accidents and weather.

42 Web sites you need to know
if you are traveling -

Like buying items on sale?
At Costco anything that has a price ending in .97 is being liquidated and is the best price ever.

At Sam's Club any item with a product code ending in C is being liquidated and is the best price ever.
(Source: ABC Good Morning America)

Going to Canada? Check on brake and weight considerations required.
Canada by rail?   Border information from U.S. Customs - the last 24 hrs.
Will I need a passport?  Better get it now before they get busy. New Reg's since 1/1/08 require everyone traveling to Canada and Mexico to have a passport.
Download application.

Check status and get proof you applied

What you need to know when traveling by airplane
Getting through the check point quickly

Try our "Select a Travelogue".
Check out Pancho Villa State Park,
Chloride,  New Mexico. How about Owens Valley, CA 
Where would you like to go?

Complete Medical & Medicare Information Everything you want to know - No search needed - One click you are there.

What do you want to know about:
SOLAR - A quick, informative story on Solar

What is your RV worth ?
 Check and see what used RV's are bringing   before you buy or sell. This is an easy to use format and is the dealer Bluebook. 

You don't turn your propane off when traveling?? 
Read this Propane report.

Thinking about getting a Reverse Osmosis Filter system? Read this report first.

Port Townsend, WA  "You will want to experience it"

"Discover Monument Valley, Utah"

 What is the pollen count where you are traveling?    Achoo!

*Legal answers concerning Seniors

* How do you know when your inhaler is empty 
or almost empty?

Which companies pay the best dividends?

The Library
Need an answer? Check the Library......or

Need free legal information?

Been to a quilt show lately?
Pick Arizona in the travelogues above.

*Legal answers concerning Seniors

Travel Centers and Fuel Stops
  Flying J  Where are they?


Camping World stores Where are they?
Reverse Osmosis Filtration System
Wal-Mart Super Centers  Where are they?

 Find a Campground
Corp of Engineers Parks
Escapee RV Club Parks
National Parks

Safety and other tips on - tires - axles - awnings
hot water heaters - satellite dishes - slide outs.

Need a zip code ?
USA zip codes

What do you want to know about RV'ing? 




 Need proof that you applied for your passport in case it doesn't come in time for your trip? You will need it to get back into the U.S.A.
Check status and get proof you applied

Passport wallet size "Cards" are available for land and sea travel in place of the regular passport. Go to http://travel.state.gov/passport/passport_1738.html

Three important questions to ask your doctor when they are making a diagnosis. Get the doctor thinking about other possibilities.
1. "What else could it be?"
2. "Could two things be going on to explain my symptoms?"
3. "Is there anything in my history, physical exams, laboratory findings, or other test that seem not to fit with your working diagnosis?"
Taken from AARP and How Doctors Think by Jerome Groopman, MD

Do you know someone that you suspect is being financially exploited? There is a hot-line to adult protective services that are responsible for investigating suspected financial exploitation. (anonymously if you wish).

Mexico border information
from U.S. Customs - the last 24 hrs.

Will I need a passport?  Better get it now before they get busy. New Reg's since 1/1/08 require everyone traveling to Canada and Mexico to have a passport.
Download application.

Brush up on you Spanish
Translate English to Spanish and Spanish to English

Mexico   Send us your Travelogues

Mexico border information
from U.S. Customs - last 24 hrs.
Also, new regulations on medication/drugs 
and how much you can bring back.

Is the neighborhood where your grandchildren live, secure?  Find where the predators and sexual deviates live. Are they close by?

Going full time
Find out what your home may be worth.

Select a travelogue
Plan now for summer and winter
Send us your favorite trip with photos.
Arizona, Yuma. A winter to remember
California, Owens Valley. Beautiful day hiking.

Iowa, You will be moved by visiting "The Grotto"
Louisiana. Been to the Natchez Trace?
Louisiana, Abita Springs  Check UCM Museum.
, What is the Michigan surprise?
New Mexico, Chloride is worth seeing.
New Mexico, Pancho Villa Park. live some history.
North Carolina. Cradle of Forestry, Beautiful place.
North Dakota. Spend a couple of days at Medora
Mexico. Beautiful Rocky Point
Nevada, Pahrump 60 miles from Las Vegas.
RV'ing and Prospecting. Try it you'll like it.
Nova Scotia. RV'ing and Prospecting is real good.
South Dakota. Crazy Horse, a must see place.
Texas, Frieheit Fun time at the country store.
Texas, Paloduro. You will want to spend some time.
Utah, Monument Valley.Discover this great area.
Vermont. An unusual stop if you are there. Spiderman.
WA, Port Townsend "You will want to experience it"
Send us your favorite trip with photos.

The Haunting of America
Check out the Haunted Houses where you are traveling. A state by state list.

send in your latest idea or to get additional information
Ideas and information

What is happening in your hometown? Newspapers, TV and Radio around the world.

When is the last time you............?
A RV'er checklist of important things to do and not do. Part 1  
Part 2

The Computer Club
Tired of Spam coming from your web page e-mail address.
We show you how to encrypt your e-mail address on your web page to eliminate spam.

What is your question concerning the law and seniors?

Wheel Alignment  - Brakes 
Shocks and Struts by  Dennis Franklin

GPS users
You asked for it now here it is!
Elevation, Latitude and longitude finder 
for quick search leave out feature name use airport for
feature type next window click on airport for elevation.

Maps to anywhere

The RV Tipster
Mirror alignment
A simple way to have safe alignment of your rear and side view mirrors.

RV Clubs

Escapees CO-OP of Nevada - Pahrump, NV

Escapees CO-OP Jojoba Hills Resort - Southern, CA

Evergreen COHO SKP Park- Chimacum, WA


The Weather
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