Escapees are RV people who believe in caring, sharing, volunteering, learning and having fun. We saw all of the preceding  in action at the Escapees Escapade 2001, Chico, CA.  

There were 1152 RV's of all kinds. Parking problems? Not that we could see. The traffic seemed to flow smoothly, massaged by the parking volunteers into their spaces at the fairgrounds. Yes there were a few glitches, but these were taken care of quickly. 

Many who were there at their first Escapade remarked how difficult it must be to organize and carry out such an undertaking, it is. But there you were attending seminars that started on time and ended on time. Lost? Not to worry, someone in a orange hat and vest could get you parked and the red vested "Ask Me" people were there to answer questions and give you directions. They were everywhere.

Seminars ran from "Appreciate The Night Sky" to "Woodcarving" and "Basic Solar/Inverter/Battery" to "Water Filtration, Purification". Seminars dealing with RV safety, comfort, mechanics, communications and personal health, wealth and hobbies just to name a few.

Entertainment was there with; a quartet at the ice cream social,  Dave Hill Comedy-Hypnosis Show, King Cotton Jazz Band, a Jam Session of SKP's and a talent show.

Now we can't forget the Cards, Games, Bingo, Dance Party with the Cottonwood Band and would you believe it, hundreds of door prizes. 

A big thank you to all the Escapee volunteers and staff for a job well done. Thanks to all the people who donated blood, almost 200 pints. Chico will never forget you.

Our pictorial is an effort to capture the spirit of friendship and cooperation instilled in all Escapees.
We hope we have accomplished this at least in some small measure.

Jack Yates #51044

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Here we are with all of the stuff.! 

7 A.M. Sunday up the street outside the gate.

7 A.M., in line down the street.

4parking lot vol..jpg (38558 bytes)

Parking lot volunteers ready.

Here they come.

A steady flow.

"Go this way."

"Go that way"

"OK, this lot is full."

Check the program.

Communications ready.

The office is ready.

Kitchen is ready.

Desert is ready.

Orientation almost ready

Marketing Pot luck and,

more pot luck.

Indoor market.jpg (39391 bytes)

The Indoor Marketing

17b more chapters.jpg (32782 bytes)

Can I help you?

Meeting a friend at 
Opening Ceremonies.

Here comes Chapter 7.

More Chapters.

21 happy talk.jpg (33204 bytes)

24a take your order.jpg (30054 bytes)

Relaxing in the shade.

Ask me.

Happy talk.

Can I take your order.

Eating outside.

Drinks, candy?

Bear River High School.

Aren't they good?

Line Dancing anyone?

Learn a craft.

Give some blood?

Some had a ride.

Chapter 7 gathering

Closing ceremonies.

coordinators.jpg (26786 bytes)

Left to right - Brenda and David Neil
Mary Anne and George Osterwise

Dan James, Pat Swan, Edie James, Mary Anne Osterwise, Dennis Swan Brenda and David Neil

Last but not least we have the Escapade Directors, Coordinators, Coordinators Assistants and Coordinators to be.
What would we do without them! 

Note! The vendors and products shown here are not necessarily endorsed by Escapees RV Club or its board of directors.

Photos by J. Yates

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