Hike to Tamanamus Rock
Anne and Mike Wenger


Tamanamus Rock is a sacred place that overlooks the Evergreen Coho Park. On a morning in August, several of us ventured there to enjoy the beauty of the woods and catch the view of the park from the top of the rock. The blackberries were huge and ripe, giving us a sweet snack for the journey.
The trail (accessed from Anderson Lk. Rd.) to the rock and beyond has many forks so we enjoyed going with someone who knew the way and could tell us of the rock's special meaning to the local native tribes.

From the top of the rock, reached by climbing with the use of a steel cable, the views of Evergreen Coho, Port Townsend and the Chimacum area did not disappoint. Breathtaking and beautiful, especially when the experience is shared with friends.

(Editors note; if you intend to climb the rock to the top it is a good idea to bring gloves for handling the cable and comfortable climbing footwear).

The view.



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