When is the last time you ……?? 
This is a long list, you may want to download and print it out. 

*  went inside a bank to use your ATM card instead of using the machine. (No charges when used through a teller) 

*  cleaned your RV Windows with vinegar to get the hard water spots off?

*  used a dry, waterless rug cleaner like Amway Rug Cleaner? Great for small area cleanup also.
(Cleaners that use water are risky on RV floors.)

*  wore disposable gloves when handling sewage gear?

*  washed off the water spigot before using it. (Some RV’ers handle their sewage gear and then wash the hose and fittings off using the fresh water spigot, turning it on and off with the same contaminated hands or gloves.)

*  washed off the water spigot before leaving?

*  used a white potable water hose for supplying drinking, cooking and bathing water and a different color hose for everything else?

*  used your own hose to take in a supply of water even though a hose is supplied? (Such as at some travel centers.)

*  washed your hands right after you set up your RV sewer hose or took your gloves off before touching anything else. Some bacteria in waste have been known to last for decades under the right conditions.   

*  used a polarity checker on the electric box before plugging in? (The last person that replaced the receptacle  just before you came in might have wired it wrong).

*  turned off the breaker before plugging in the land line electric cord?

*  turned off the breaker before unplugging that same electric cord?

*  rotated your tires?

*  had your tires checked for balance? (Important in trailers and fifth wheels because the effect of unbalanced wheels is not felt in the tow vehicle)

*  checked your tires and bearings for heat buildup after a long run? (Some wheel covers do not allow you to check for hot bearings) Tire tread should be warm but not hot.

*  checked the pressure in your tires? Should be done prior to each move. (Many times a flat is not obvious because the axle is supported by another tire or axle.)

*  turned off your propane tanks before traveling?

*  checked your awning for loose arms before traveling? If you can shake them, you'll loose them and the awning.

*  torqued the nuts on your wheels? (This must be done after a wheel has been removed and replaced anytime before 500 miles of use.)

*  weighed your RV?

*  installed new wiper blades?

*  checked the caulking on the roof?

*  cleaned the air conditioner filter?

*  turned off the exhaust fan before flushing? (Some RV’ers can’t understand why the odor is so bad in their bathroom.)

*  sanitized your fresh water tank?

*  flushed your hot water tank of sediments and coatings?

*  checked the tightness of your outside fasteners?  (Don't just tightened a loose screw that is fastened into an outside surface, remove it if you can and put some caulk around it, then screw it back in. This will seal out the moisture.)

*  protected your tires from ageing prematurely by covering them with a rubber preservative or tire covers?

* polished the underside of your slide with a slippery substance like Protect All to keep the rubber from adhering. (it happened to me and pulled a piece of the inside rubber loose)

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