When is the last time you ?? 
Part 2
This is a long list, you may want to download and print it out. 

* screwed the one end of your water hose into the other end before storing it, thus keeping it clean?

* wiped your hoses and wires with a clean cloth before storage. No sense bringing the little critters into your RV.?

* used Poster Putty to hold those little knick knacks on the shelf while traveling?

* used poster putty to hold open that swinging cabinet door on a windy day?

* used Poster Putty to hold a ribbon on either end of that slide you bump your head on while at your site?

* clicked your Heart Interface on and off three times to rid the batteries of the sulfur buildup? (Wall mounted battery monitor.) The batteries will last longer.

* cleaned off the top of your batteries?.

* checked the water in your batteries and cleaned off the terminals?

* tested your batteries?

* put a white stripe on the fifth wheel hitch (nearest the cab) and a white stripe on the kingpin. Easy hookup?

* put a Velcro strap around the awning arms before traveling? This holds down the vibrations. Remember there are only two screws holding the top attachment. Did you see or hear about all the folks who lost their awnings along the highway?

* you got rid of that dark colored plastic slide in your screen door and replaced it with a clear one so you can see outside?

* made sure the blocks you use under your tires are at least the same width as the tire? You can damage the tire if the blocks are smaller.

* did a visual check of your chocks and springs? Are they secure? Has anything changed position? An alignment problem can wear out tires prematurely. 

* greased the ball on your hitch?

* checked all hitch up fasteners? Trailer, fifth wheel and towed.

* checked the caulk on your roof and around through the roof attachments?

* ran out of fresh water while boondocking? Depending on where the water pickup fitting is, you may get a little more out of the tank by raising or lowering the front of the RV or by catching the water from the tank drain.

* carried an extra battery for your smoke and carbon monoxide alarm?

* carried extra batteries for the flashlight.* tested your alarms?

* left a window slightly open when using an un-vented propane heater?

* backed up your computer files?

* Let some air out of your air mattress before going into mountain country. The difference between the air pressure at sea level and anything above 4,000 feet may damage the air chambers if you like sleeping with the chambers full.

* greased your rack and pinion gears on your slide? Don't ! Any lubricant will pick up sand and grit that will give you trouble later. If you feel you must lubricate, use a spray silicon made just for slides.

* dropped your fifth wheel on your new pickup because the jaws of the hitch were not locked on to the kingpin? Paint the outer part of the jaws white. If you are hooked up properly you will be able to see those white surfaces in a closed position even on a gray day.

* kept your cabinets orderly by keeping all your cans and bottles of pantry stuff in small boxes. This allows you to organize and keep things in place. Try to get boxes that look alike and are the same size. Fill any empty space with bunched up plastic bags, the kind you get in the grocery store. These plastic bags are also good to fill in around your glassware if you expect a bumpy ride.

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