Midnight at the Oasis

What a feeling of nostalgia. There we were surrounded by vehicles representing decades of changes. Over 800 vehicles. Can you imagine acres and acres of old cars and trucks that sometimes took years to restore all lined up with their owners. You could tell they were proud of the time, sweat and money it took to make them look perfect. This was their baby.

You had to spend most of the day at this show. Each vehicle had a story to tell. Either it was a story about your relationship with a car that was in the family, belonged to a friend or the owners story about their experiences.

My favorite was the Ford coup with the rumble seat. My brother owned one and we had more fun riding in that car when we were kids. Loved that oldie music also

Next time this car show hits town take a walk down memory lane and reminisce about your car fantasies. 

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Can I take it home?



Make out at the drive-in!

How many of these do you see?

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More cars


Can you guess this one?

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Now you know.

My favorite.

Talk about camping

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Don't mess with me.

Lots of venders too
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More cars

Yo! look at this one

Really old.

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These cars were so hot it's a wonder there wasn't a fire.

Photos by J. Yates


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