The Yuma Air Show
at the 
U.S. Marine Base


An action packed affairThere were old, new, big, small airplanes and airplanes of all descriptions. Thousands of people young and old. If you went you had to notice a very efficient parking system. 

It is hard to capture the thrills in words but you can see it on the faces of the people that were there.  Thanks to the Marines, it was a wonderful show. Thanks also to all the private pilots that helped show us the history of aviation through the display in the air and on the ground of their history making airplanes.

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Is this big or what?

More big.

Lots of people Another view. There it is. See it?

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Getting a free ride.

Rescue mission.

How does he do that?

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The old and the new.

On the line.

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Let's take a look
 at this one.

Can I have my picture 
taken with you?

Photos by J. Yates

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